Riparbella Cecina

The ideal place in Tuscany for a holiday

Riparbella, Cecina, gathers just one of the many suggestions of these territories, because Tuscany is much more than a region. It is a precious stone set in the back of Italy, a gem that shines its own light with its unspeakable landscapes, its untold stories and its ancient villages rich in history. Culture, art and tradition are the heavy heritage that the Etruscan Coast has left to its children, tracing an itinerary made of continuous discoveries and wonders.


Borgo Felciaione is the place to go on vacation in Tuscany, a location capable of synthesizing the emotion that binds every inhabitant to the magic of this region. In the song of the animals one can perceive the echoes of past civilizations, in the grooves in the rock the sleep of giants, of myths and legends, and in the most unsuspected views the silhouette of Riparbella lives on. Cecina and Maremma await you in a succession of events; pack your bags, load your car and leave. You will finally be able to answer the question: where to holiday in Tuscany

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