Riparbella Restaurant

The culinary tradition meets Borgo Felciaione

Etruscan Coast has historically been a place of contamination and encounters, host of ancient traditions and enigmatic legends. The cuisine of Borgo Felciaione is the child of such tales and seeks to express flavours that speak to the soul, narrating its bond with Tuscany. The Riparbella restaurant involves all the senses: sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste, choosing careful presentations, releasing evocative scents, surrounding guests with ever-changing sounds and giving space to unique textures on the palate. All to enhance the incredible experience of Borgo Felciaione.


The Riparbella Restaurant it’s the perfect place to let the fork steer through the exquisites dishes that this region has to offer. All the history of a village, contained in a simple course, ideal to let themselves be carried in a suggestive itinerary during a family lunch or an intimate romantic dinner. Lose yourself in the private and pleasant atmosphere while sipping the best bubbles of the Tuscan countryside, you will feel what it means to enjoy a relaxing break in Borgo Felciaione.

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